Submit ... for I am your master!

This ain't no Rotten Tomatoes.

The submission policy for this blog goes like this...

You can drop me a line at cinemacache (at) and tell me you have this indie film that you would like to have reviewed. If you provide a link or DVD/Blu-ray copy of such I will then watch. Then I'll think about it. Then I'll do one of two things:

-if I as blog master subjectively decide the film is worthwhile, I will give it a "hug". In other words, I will write up a detailed review and post such to my social media channels that will link back to the review on HUG THIS FILM.


- many films will deserve at least some hugs for this and that (eager productions featuring unfortunate missteps are an honourable thing) and will still get reviewed on the blog. BUT (you know there was a "but") if I, in my own totally subjective manner, have decided the film really turned me off, I will not waste time and effort on a detailed review explaining why, why, why ... because the unforgivable type of mediocrity doesn't deserve the time and effort. I'll make a brief mention of why I was not impressed via previously noted social media channels.


If you're cool with all that, drop me a line.

-Michael Rajnovic.

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